Catering Menu and Pizza choices

This is our catering menu, and not all items are available at our brick and mortar location, the Doughjo. If you would like to order pizza from the Doughjo, please use the in store menu and call us at 510 531-6367:

Doughjo In store menu

The Doughjo is open Tuesday thru Sunday, 12pm-9pm. We start taking phone orders at 11:30am each day. If you want to pre-order more than 5 pizzas or larger drop deliveries ahead of time, please contact James direct by email:

Catering Selections from Fist of Flour (As of August 2016):

Appetizer choices
House made Beef Meatballs, served on skewers, in compostable cups, with Marinara and Shaved Parmesan. Served Passed or on Platters

Caprese Salad on Skewers, with Cherry tomato, fresh Mozzarella, Basil, and Balsamic Drizzle. Served Passed or on Platters

Mushroom Duxelle on Crostini, with Mushroom Pate, Goat cheese and fresh Basil on house made Garlic toast. Served Passed or on Platters

Hummus and veggie platters, House made Roasted Garlic Hummus, a mix of baby Carrots, Celery, Cucumber slices. Served buffet style on platters and bowls.

Salad choices
Organic Mixed greens, with Cherry tomato, Red onion, Goat cheese, and our house made Blueberry balsamic vinaigrette. Served buffet style.

Organic Greek Style Salad, with Cherry tomato, Red onion, Feta cheese, Mediterranean Olives, and our House made Lemon vinaigrette. Served buffet style.

Pizza choices
Meat selections:
The Classico – Pepperoni and Crimini mushroom, Chopped garlic, House tomato sauce, Mozzarella, fresh Basil

Poblano Mambo – Pepperoni and sliced Poblano peppers, House tomato sauce, Mozzarella, fresh Basil

The Soprano – Sopressata Salami, sliced Shallots, Mozzarella, House tomato sauce, fresh Basil

MoBetta Polpetta – House made all-beef Meatballs, Red onion, House tomato sauce, Mozzarella, fresh basil and Chili garlic olive oil.

Italiano – House made Fennel Pork sausage, sliced red onions, House tomato sauce, Mozzarella, fresh basil

Pig & Fig (Available from late August to mid October only) – Basil-Garlic olive oil and house made Fig balsamic reduction, Shallots, Applewood smoked bacon, fresh Figs, Mozzarella, Goat Cheese, Mozzarella, Fresh Arugula

Blueberry Hill (seasonal) – Basil-Garlic olive oil, Blueberry balsamic reduction, Shallots, Bacon, fresh blueberries, Mozzarella, Goat cheese, Fresh Arugula

Vegetarian selections:
The Margherita – House Tomato sauce, Fresh and aged Mozzarella, Basil, Basil Garlic olive oil

The Funghi Deluxe – House Tomato sauce, Crimini Mushrooms, Fresh Spinach, Chopped garlic, Mozzarella, fresh Basil

The Protesto – Yukon Gold potato, house made Arugula Pesto sauce, Provolone, Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato

El Greco – Fresh Spinach, Mediterranean Olive mix, Sliced red Onion, Feta cheese, House tomato sauce, Mozzarella

The Root Down – House made Arugula pesto sauce, thin sliced Fennel root, Portabello mushroom, Mozzarella

White Pie – Basil-Garlic olive oil, Spinach, Feta Cheese, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Chopped Garlic, Fresh & Aged Mozzarella, Basil

The margherita

The Margherita pizza, fresh from our 900° Pizza oven

Its all about the ingredients, and the magic begins here, in the oven, burning seasoned Almond Firewood delivered from the Central Valley, CA.

I try really hard to find the best possible things to eat in my daily life, but when it comes to Pizza, I spare no expense. We make all of our dough and sauces from scratch each week, and finish the pizzas with the freshest ingredients I can find.

The Pig N Fig with proscuitto, fresh from the oven

I am a huge fan of the Pig, so a pepperoni or sausage variety will be on my menus all the time, featuring the Molinari Salame Co. and whenever possible we will be featuring local meats and cheeses from the bay area, now that we’ve made friends with Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop, Go check them out! Tell em Fist of Flour sent ya! (I don’t know if that will enhance your experience or not.. ; )

Fear not vegetarians, we’ve got you covered too, with seasonal selections at every event! Most of the produce comes from Dan’s Fresh Produce in Alameda, and from local Farmer’s markets. Pretty much everything we use at Fist of Flour is purchased within 5 miles of headquarters, and the majority of that comes from northern and central California. Local, fresh, fantastic!

19 thoughts on “Catering Menu and Pizza choices

  1. James Whitehead Post author

    Well it appears you’re looking at our catering menu and not the doughjo menu. I admit the current website is flawed, they are slightly different menus but when you go to our site the main page is our doughjo menu with our phone number and details. I do hope you found the correct menu to order from.
    thx james

  2. James Whitehead Post author

    We do not use whole wheat for our dough. we currently use an all natural, unbleached white flour, milled in Daly City by Giusto’s. No additives, preservatives, or anything but wheat, unlike some other larger brands available out there.

  3. Jason C

    Will trade IT services for pizza – thanks for making great pies, and seriously, I’ll trade you some pies for help with any web things.

  4. James Whitehead Post author

    I apologize for that. Yes our website needs help, and a redesign is in the works. I just re-posted the correct link within our current catering menu for the doughjo’s smaller menu. I hope that helps clarify things. We’ve only been open 10 days and have had to change things several times. If you refresh your page, the correct menu will appear. also if you click the page that says Doughjo, and not our catering menu, you will also find the most current menu. I apologize my HTML/wordpress skills are way less developed than our pizza making skills.

  5. James Whitehead Post author

    We do not have a Vegan pizza on the menu, but any of our Tomato sauce based pizzas can be made without cheese and without meat. It’s known on our mobile operation as the vegan deluxe. It’s usually whatever veggies we have on hand on the road. So in the store we say you can pick three veggies off the BYO menu. We often will add fresh arugula and basil garlic olive oil o the vegan pie after its cooked. Our Pizza dough and tomato sauce are completely vegan, until we add cheese and or meat. So just ask for it when you order and we’ll take care of you. We can also prepare the Mixed green salad fresh without goat cheese if you need.

  6. Rickie Lopez

    The pig and fig and the margherita were delicious! The staff was super friendly and the pizza was going fast at this catered event but they were putting new pizzas out quickly! I highly recommend booking FOF for a private party or track them down and taste for yourself!

  7. James Whitehead Post author

    well at the moment, we offer salads and non alcoholic beverages as options at catered events. We may offer a side salad at an event following a catering gig that did not use/eat all the salad, but generally no, when we do street gigs we only make pizzas. For now. 2.0 is coming friends and a menu expansion is in the works…

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  11. Rogge

    FanTasTic O ………… Like the site And must agree with the Jeremy Special………

    cool, Mr Whitehead

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