The Mobile Oven

Arrival in Los Angeles for a birthday party!

Yes indeed, there she is, the mobile pizza oven. I’m available for Private Pizza Parties in your driveway or cul-de-sac. Contact me by email for more details! If you prefer a more interactive immediately gratifying experience, try our online Quote request and subscriber form and get a quote today!

A lot of people ask me all kinds of questions about the oven every time I take it out. So let me take a minute to give you a little background, in case you missed that chunk of information on this website. (I apologize for the poor organization of this site, we are working on it.)

I took a class from Brent Sumner at the Institute of Mosaic Art, in Oakland, on building a wood-fired oven. Brent has designed and perfected his technique over the last 25 years, and offered a class for the first time on how to construct your own Pizza oven. Naturally, I was on board, and right after taking the class, I built a test oven in my backyard, off the kitchen. By January 2010 it was ready to fire and my self-teaching began as a Pizza chef.
I had spent the last three years dialing in my crust and sauce recipes, and it was time to really start making pies. I would hone my skills in the wood fired oven over the next few months, and as I’ve come to realize, I am always learning.

By May of 2010, I had found the perfect trailer to permanently house a mobile oven. First I had to design a steel structure to hold it in place, and second, wanted to make an oven that was lighter than my home version, and removable from the trailer. I figured at some point down the road, I could change things, if the business plan wasn’t quite working out, I wouldn’t be Stuck with a two ton bohemoth. I worked out the details with my welder on the fly, and construction began on oven #2 in June. By early July, the Fist of Flour Pizza Company was ready for its maiden voyage at the Institute of Mosaic Art, and the pizza oven had come full circle.

I found the short bus soon after oven completion, and by mid August, Shorty was ready to start towing and hauling pizza around the Bay Area and beyond. You can see the full story in these two galleries: Building the Mobile Oven and Painting the Mobile Oven.

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3 thoughts on “The Mobile Oven

  1. Nanci Sepulveda

    We attended Pints for Paws , June 06, 2015, we had good brew and tried your pizza. We loved it, we had your veggie pizza. I love pizza and always on the look for the best,and we found it! It was so delicious, the crust was perfect , the sauce was outstanding. Your team was working very hard, I give you team 5 stars. We will be going to your shop soon, wish we has some now. Keep up the great taste, good pizza is hard to find. Thanks Again.

  2. susan

    I think you live around the corner(s) from me in Oakland. I walk my dogs there but can’t remember all the street names. Anyway, I have a small frameshop/gallery on minna st in sf and am wondering if you come to sf with the pizza oven? it would be fun to have it at one of our openings. There have been trucks setting up selling food lately on our block but no pizza. Since I don’t eat meat alot of what they have is not appealing to me…but pizza would be.


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