The Doughjo, a Neighborhood Take-away Spot

Location: 4166 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland,

New Hours as of Tuesday August 26th 2014:
12pm-9pm Tuesday through Sunday
Closed Mondays

**Now offering limited delivery Friday through Sunday nights. ($3 fee, 10 minute radius from the shop)

Phone number for call in orders: (510) 531 6367
Phone orders start at 11:30am till 8:45
Please call back to order if you get sent to voicemail during open hours.
Cash preferred. Price includes 9% Sales tax
Debit/credit adds a 3% convenience fee. BofA is just one longish block away, from our front doors, by the way…

Download the current menu as of 01.01.15: Web_menu010115

Doughjo Updates for January 1, 2015
Happy new Year from Fist of Flour Pizza Co. As a result of the passing of Oakland’s Measure FF, the minimum wage will be increased to $12.25 an hour for all employees. Consequently we have had to raise prices to help make this a reality, and to keep our doors open. Please take a look at our revised menu before you order.

We are also officially announcing Weekend delivery for our customers. That’s right, for $3 fee, we’ll deliver pizzas anywhere within 10 minutes of the shop, between 5pm and 9pm. If you want to place larger orders for multiple pies just give us a call and see how we can help you!

Doughjo Updates for November 18, 2014
Doughjo Delivery TEST DRIVE!! This weekend only, starting at 5pm Friday November 21st, Saturday November 22nd and Sunday November 23rd, we will be offering Limited area delivery. $3 delivery fee, minimum $25 orders, Credit card only. Delivery fee waived for Party Orders over $100.

Yes we’ll be rolling out with fresh hot pizzas in the Mini van. Our area will be limited to 10 Minutes in any direction from 4166 MacArthur Blvd. 94619. Check your address on Google maps beforehand to see if you’re in Range! We’ll be taking orders all day and the first orders will roll out at 5pm.

if this works, we’ll be launching a more comprehensive delivery schedule starting December 2nd, so bear with us as this is a test drive.


Older updates:

Doughjo Updates for August 25th, 2014
You asked us for it, so now you can get it, all day long! That’s right we’re finally stable enough to open for lunch time. Starting tomorrow! Why did we wait so long to do this you ask? Well our catering schedule is pretty hectic sometimes, and all of our ingredients have to be prepped almost every day. Some days we take up the whole kitchen to do this, and we needed a few months to work out all the kinks in the new space. After 6 months of hard work, I think we’re ready. And we think you are too! So, come on down in the mid day and grab a slice to go! And stay tuned as we roll out a new set of Sandwiches, as soon as we get another prep station!

Doughjo Updates for June 24th, 2014
The spring has ended and given way to Summer. Our Two for Tuesday Spring special is over for the time being, possibly starting up again this fall. Stay tuned for a new summer special still in the works.

Doughjo Updates for May 1st, 2014
To maintain the quality and standards of our Pizzas, we are forced to increase our prices on Whole pies and meat toppings. This increase is due to an all-time high cost for our raw materials. As of May 1st, these price changes will take effect.

If and when the prices do come back down, our prices will follow. Until then, we do hope you understand. Your business is very important to us.

Doughjo Updates for March 24, 2014
Announcing our new Spring Special, Two for Tuesdays! Buy any two available slices and a soda for $7, or get any two small Classic Pizzas for just $30! Plus we’ve added a new pizza, The MoBetta Polpetta, with our house made all-beef meatballs, red onion, and finished with basil and our chili garlic oil!

Not completely satisfied with a Cold Pizza by the time you get home? Well in an effort to make you happy we now offer par-baked pies as an option, just ask for it that way when you place your order and you can finish them at home to your liking. But you may want to double check your oven can hold it all. Large pies are 18″ across, so they may need to be cut in half to finish cooking.

Set your oven to max temperature, broil setting or 550° and let it warm up for 20 minutes. Get it HOT! Place the pizza on a pizza stone, sheet pan, or aluminum pizza pan (available at Smart n final or east bay restaurant supply). Cook for 4-7 minutes or until it looks golden brown and beautiful. No Peeking! let it cook! We don’t recommend using insulated cookie sheet pans, but if thats all you got…

Doughjo update for Monday January 27, 2014.
Good news, the replacement ovens arrived right on time this morning, and are now being seasoned slowly. We got nice thick bricks to cook on and we’re really looking forward to breaking them in on Tuesday after our big prep shift. We’re going to test some pizzas and placement and get them stones ready for the weekend!

On Saturday you’ve got two options, you can call up 510 531-6367 for a walk in pie, or you can head over to the Hopacalypse at Drakes Barrel House. We’ll be slinging alongside Fivetenburger and Drake’s newest release beer, 11am-7pm with our wood fired crew!

For the Superbowl Sunday, we’ll be opening The Doughjo from 11 am, all day and we’ll be answering the phones (510 531-6367) for larger pre-orders of 3+ Pizzas starting this coming Wednesday. Pe-order Pies can be available on Sunday between 11am and 2pm for pickup, and we’ll see how our new decks treat us as the game gets underway. We’ll do our best to answer the phone and get your order in the new 54″ decks! Give us a call or stop on by!

Doughjo update for Friday January 24, 2014.
We have better news than just finally being open! Yes, we have ordered two brand-used 54″ stone deck pizza ovens to replace the ailing remnants of the former establishment. I found a guy who knows a guy down south to bring them up. They will be arriving this coming Monday morning. They were one of two 1st choices we had for replacement ovens, and they are just about the largest ovens we could shove under the existing hood system, so I said, Go get em! They can fit like 8 of our larges or a dozen smalls at the same Time!!!

Thanks to the continued support of our new neighbors in the Laurel District, and surrounding neighborhoods, we were able to make this switch out just in time for the biggest Pizza day of the year, the Super Bowl XLVIII!!! Too bad our own home teams didn’t make it this year, but you’re still gonna watch it, and you’re still gonna need some Zza’s? no?

We’ll be opening early on Sunday Feb 2nd, and we’ll be starting to take pre orders earlier in the week, pending the new oven installation is a success. As soon as we get those new stones hot and seasoned, we’ll let you know all the details. So add us to your Speed dials today! 510 531-6367. We’ve only got room for so much raw dough and once it’s all ordered, it’s game over.

Doughjo update for Sunday January 19th.
After being open for four days, 16 hours total, we learned a few things. The Oven is a bit too old and small for what we’re claiming to produce. Truth is we can’t pull true 20″ pizzas out of a 36″ oven in the quantities the neighborhood is demanding. We have retooled the menu slightly. We’ve adjusted the prices and we’re making more true sized pies, a 14″ small, and an 18″ large. We’ll stretch them as big as we can, we promise. We are currently hunting a specific couple replacement ovens, so while we look for them, We’re going to focus on what we do best, making good, thin-crust pizza with more toppings! Once that’s dialed, my meatball sub recipe should be perfect, and we’ll bring back the Zones and Bolis too. By spring this first week will be a faded memory, with a few less than awesome “opening week reviews” well deserved, hopefully left behind as well.

We’ve added some extra cheese selections to the BYO (Build Your Own) category, added one more vegetarian option on the Classic pizzas, and we’ve dropped all the extra hot items for now until we get our replacement ovens. This does mean one more revised menu is coming and to everyone reading this who grabbed a copy last week, you’ll need to upgrade to version 2.0, and we will provide your paper download the next time you stop in. You can also view the PDF link above and call your orders in.

Remember, its Standing room only. We have no tables, no seats, just good eats! A couple of stools will be around the new stand/roll-up counter tops but due to building and health codes, we’ll probably never be able to have real sit down tables.

The main kitchen area as seen from the front of house

The main kitchen area as seen from the front of house

Update as of January 15th
Yes, its True! We’ve finally found a permanent home in the Laurel District of East Oakland and we’re super excited to open our doors after just shy of three months hard work. First we’d like to say thank you to the surrounding community and our fan base for all the support, “likes,” and comments posted on our site throughout the last few months. That has made this process easier, and has pushed me to move faster to get this project completed.

There’s still more work to do on the customer side of things, but the “Death Star” is fully operational! The kitchen passed Health Inspections with flying colors late last week, and our crew has been hard at work bringing the tiny little beast online. We’ll be ready to serve you with slices and whole pies, a couple simple salads and a few flavors of Italian sodas to sip on. There are currently no stools, no bathrooms, and no tables, just a big front counter to order from, and a little bit of standing room to wait. You can play with our antique 1936 Hobart Mixer or take the bowl for a spin down Maybelle Street while you wait to eat!

Our menu will grow as we learn our new digs, and we will be adding a few sandwiches to the line, but for now we’re focused on replicating the pizzas you already know and love. We’ll be cooking in some 1992 era Baker’s pride steel deck pizza ovens, I bought those with the purchase of the former Roma Pizza, and they work great, after a hefty tune up from Federighi Design. 650° and we can still burn em just like out on the trailers!


So, here we go folks! Buckle up, lets see what this thing can do!

12 Responses to “The Doughjo, a Neighborhood Take-away Spot”

  1. Patrick says:

    Welcome to the hood.
    Your eye sight for sore eyes and a taste for hungry lips.
    Now please open another branch
    in the Hillmont neighborhood
    to the south!!!

  2. Benny says:

    I called the other night for the first time and was treated to a hot, fresh delicious pie ready to go in ten minutes. and now I know why. I’m so excited to have you as my neighborhood pizza spot! Good luck with everything.

  3. Lil MIke says:

    Live nearby and lookin’ forward to finally gettin’ some pizza worth eatin’ in da hood

  4. Bill N says:

    Friday 1/17 – got a totally outstanding pizza. Just a few blocks away from your new digs, we have been in the neighborhood since ’91 and are SO STOKED that you are here!

    I am an omnivore and my wife and daughter are herbivores, and we will be by frequently. Thank you for landing nearby!

  5. Oh, your menu PDF link worked in Firefox (though not in Chrome)…this happens. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for being here! I just clicked on your menu PDF link, but it looked all black.

  7. Mark Bult says:

    So glad to hear you’re open! We’ve been waiting patiently for months. We’re going to come over and visit soon. HUGE congratulations!

    I second the comment about the iPad — you don’t want that to stroll off. Lock it down with something like:

    There are more expensive ones too, which might be a bit sturdier.

  8. Our new phone number is 510 531 6367. we apologize for not getting the info out in every possible digital crack yesterday, suddenly it was 5 pm and it was on! I’m working on updating stuff this morning to make sure everyone can find us!

  9. Jaimie Orfanos says:

    We enjoyed a wonderful pizza tonight. Thanks so much for coming to our neighborhood.

    My husband noticed that an iPad was being used for taking orders and that the attendant walked away from it repeatedly to go to the back of the kitchen. He is planning on sending you an email but I also wanted to send you one. Having lived one block from this location for 8 years, we are well aware of the criminal element in the neighborhood. We would recommend getting some sort of “lock” for the iPad to lock it to the counter, as it will quickly disappear otherwise. Also, we do not recommend carrying much cash as we would hate the business to be a target for a hold up or theft of some sort. Anyway, I don’t mean to scare you, just want you and your staff to be very cautious. You can contact me if you want. Jaimie Orfanos 530-3080, 3680 Maybelle Ave

  10. nick says:

    Congrats on the new space gang!
    I hope day one was a huge success. Can’t wait to come check it out

    Nick’s Pizza: made in Oakland

  11. Cindy Emch says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Please consider making a pizza with only goat / sheep cheese? If you do I can promise frequent orders from this household with cow dairy allergies. Or offering pizzas that are 1/2 cheeseless (the less fun but still workable option)

  12. Lila GG says:

    It’s 5pm on 1/15; what’s the number?!? I live a mere couple blocks away-I’m coming now!!! Cannot wait!

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